International Congress : SIA Powertrain - Rouen 2014

  • 21 & 22 May 2014


sia powertrain_rouen 2014

Dear colleagues,

The Compression Ignition Engine has undergonemajor technological evolutions in the last 20 years, with the introduction of numerous innovations in the market place. High pressure fuel injection, electronic control, exhaust gas recirculation and turbo-charging are all key technologies which have been launched whilst engine design and the materials used have also evolved. In more recent times particulate filters,NOx after-treatment and hybridization have begun to emerge.
Upcoming Light Duty Compression Ignition Engine regulations in Europe intend to include more transient testing in real urban driving conditions, which will require further development and understanding of how the Compression Ignition Engine can maintain its leading position with regards to fuel economy.

The Clean Compression Ignition Engine Conference intends to give powertrain developers and researchers the opportunity to obtain an overall picture of state-of-the-art technologies and look ahead to future tasks and challenges.
The next edition of the International Compression Ignition Engine Conference had been held on 21 & 22 May 2014 in Rouen, France. This was be the 26th International Conference and Exhibition organised by the powertrain section of the SIA. This unique event facilitates the exchange of technical information between scientists and engineers active in varying areas of Diesel powertrain technology.
The previous edition of the conference in 2012 was a great success:
> More than 40 presentations
> International representation with 330 participants
> 30 exhibiting companies
> Panel discussion with executive participants from the automotive industry
> Vehicle technology demonstrations
> Banquet in city of Rouen
> Visit to local vehicle manufacturing sites and research laboratories
> International press presence

Edition 2014 included an additional forum in the afternoon of 22 May, where students & industrial representatives will come together enabling the young engineers to obtain key information as they set-off on a career in the automotive industry


Chair persons
  • Noureddine Guerrassi | Delphi
  • Manolis Gavaises | City University London
  • Federico Millo | Politecnico di Torino
  • Amin Velji | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology



 Scientific committee
  • Nadim Andraos | FEV
  • Jean-Jacques Basset | Renault
  • Christophe Bouly | Faurecia
  • Giovanni Cipolla | IARE
  • Bertrand Demortier | Continental
  • Gaetano de Paola | IFP Energies Nouvelles
  • Frédéric Dionnet | CERTAM
  • Carlos Guardiola | CMT Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
  • Neville Jackson | Ricardo
  • Jan Macek | Czech Technical University
  • Ali Mohammadi | Toyota Motor Europe
  • François Jaussi | Liebherr
  • Dominique Petitjean | Honeywell
  • Jean-Charles Ricaud | AVL-LMM
  • Daniel Roettger | Ford Research Centre
  • Bianca Maria Vaglieco | Istituto Motori - CNR
Organising committee
  • Philippe Bernet | Renault
  • Jean-Marc Boulard | IAV
  • Christophe Charial | PSA Peugeot Citroën
  • Pierre Duret | IFP School
  • Pierre-Yves Geels | AVL
  • Omar Hadded | Tata Motors
  • Emmanuel Jean | Faurecia
  • Jean-Christophe Lamodiere | Kistler
  • Geoffroy Martin | Mov’eo
  • Sylvain Michon | Volvo
  • Jean-Jacques Milesi | SIA
  • Gaëtan Monnier | IFP Energies Nouvelles
  • Vanessa Picron | Valeo
  • Rémy Schmitt | Robert Bosch



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Opening Address / Noureddine Guerrassi – General Chair


Keynote speech#1

Pierre Macaudière, Engine Functionnal Design Manager - PSA Peugeot Citroën, France


Keynote speech#2

Evengelos Karvounis, Global Manager Diesel Systems - Ford, Germany


coffee break

Future Diesel Powertrain Air and EGR Management Systems Advanced Engine Control

PassCar-Diesels Go West - Roadmap to Clean Diesel Applications Complying w/ Future Requirements

J. Gerhardt | Robert Bosch, Germany


Low Pressure EGR Loops: What are the Stakes, and the Next Generation of those Systems?

S. Potteau, G. Hodebourg, V. Huet, S. Leroux, K. Surbled | Valeo, France


Model-Based Exhaust Manifold Temperature (T3) Observer for Future Diesel Programs

S. Petrovic, D. Roettger | Ford, Germany B. Fulton, M. van Nieuwstadt | Ford, USA


SULEV Emissions for PC Diesel? – An integrated approach for lowest emissions

A. Beichtbuchner, L. Buergler, R. Cerna, M. Weissbäck | AVL, Austria


Potential of Miller Cycle in Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition Combustion

A. Garcia, E. Belarte, J. Benajes, S. Molina | Universitat Politècnica de València / CMT Motores Termicos, Spain I. Balloul | Volvo, France


Model Based Control: Implementation of this Cost Saving Technology on Complex Engine Systems

P. Fussey | Ricardo, UK


Vehicle Level Parameter Sensitivity Studies for a 1.5L Diesel Engine Powered Passenger Car with Various Boosting Systems

P. Wetzel, B. Biller, P. Chandras, S. Keidel, | Eaton, USA


Effects of the Intake Air Heating on a Euro 5 Diesel Engine under -7ºC Ambient Temperature, during the Warming Up Period in a New European Driving Cycle

Z. Soukeur, J. Borges-Alejo | Valeo, France H. Climent, J-M. Luján, B. Pla | Universitat P olitècnica de València / CMT Motores Termicos, Spain


Development and Assessment of a Fully-physical 0D Fast Running Model of a E6 Passenger Car Diesel Engine for ECU Testing on a Hardware-in-theloop System

A. Ruggiero, I. Montalto, K. Mustafaj, E. Pautasso, P. Poletto, E. Servetto | Fiat Group, Italy


lunch break

Worldwide Market Evolution Downsizing and Downspeeding Energy Recovery and Thermal Management

360 Worldwide Automotive Industry - Diesel

N. Meilhan | Frost & Sullivan, France


Evaluation of Downsizing and Downspeeding Concepts to reduce Fuel Consumption of Diesel Engines

L. de Francqueville, G. De Paola, L. Noel | IFP Energies Nouvelles, France


Comparison of High or Low Temperature Working Fluids for Rankine Waste Heat Recovery Systems

R. Haller, Y. Glavatskaya, S. Hammi, L. Labaste- Mauhe, B. Nicolas, A. Taklanti | Valeo, France


The Future Market of Diesel Powertrain for Passenger Cars, European and Global

M. Costes, J-B. Monteil, J-M. Prillieux, J. Taganza | Inovev, France


Downsizing in Diesel Engines – An Experimental Investigation of Base Engine Design concerning the Diesel Combustion System based on Single Cylinder Engine Experiments

T. Kaudewitz, M. Frambourg M. Schüttenhelm, A. Mork | Volkswagen, Germany H. Oetjens, J. Rohr, C. Severin | IAV, Germany


Influence of Active cooling Thermal Management Valve on Fuels Consumption and Engine Warm-up: Co-simulation and Tests

M. Cormerais, T. Marimbordes, Y. Thevenoux | Mann-Hummel, France D. Chalet, H. Mezher | Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France


Tailored Design and Layout for Loss Minimization or Cost-Effective Commonality of Parts - An Contradictory Conflict

B. Werner, T. Körfer, M. Pieper, C. Steffens, R. Vossen | FEV, Germany


Comprehensive Approach for Optimal Diesel Engine Downsizing Combining Thermodynamics and Design Assistance System

V. Dolecek, S. Bogomolov, J. Macek, A. Mikulec, O. Vitek | CTU Prague, Czech Republic


Turbocompounding Application for Small Displacement Engines

Y. Ismail, P. Menegazzi | Valeo, France D. Chalet, P. Chesse | Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France


coffee break

panel session

Panel session Diesel powertrain for pass engers cars: what will be mainstream in 2020?

Bruno Covin - Alliance Powertrain and EV Engineering VP Powertrain Strategy and Advanced Engineering, Renault Nissan
Michael Gassen - President EMEA, Delphi
Jürgen Gerhardt - Senior Vice President System Engineering, Bosch Diesel Systems
Patrice Marez - Powertrain system design director, PSA Peugeot Citroën
Jean-Yves Paulin - Vice President Powertrain Engine systems, Continental Automotive


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