NVH integration impact of thermal systems compnents in serial vehicle production English Free

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  • Date 11/02/2021
  • Author Saâd BENNOUNA & Saïd NAJI - Valeo
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In the automotive industry, embedded thermal systems are considered of major importance in ensuring the engine optimum operating as well as passengers’ comfort. These systems involve a wide range of technologies, designs and operating requirements making each component specific in addition to its integration and implementation requirements all around the vehicle.

At a component level, NVH issues are usually well known and contained by the suppliers. However, at early serial production stages, NVH issues can occur at vehicle level putting critical risks on the serial production and high pressure on both carmakers and component suppliers.

In order to improve the NVH behaviour at these crucial stages, significant modifications are usually implemented at component level without any analysis of the integration factors and transfer paths at vehicle level that may also contribute to a certain extent.

This paper highlights the importance of the integration factors and transfer paths of NVH issues occurring at vehicle level and the derived benefits of working on these aspects to solve the issues.