e-Drive 48V concept for Urban Mobility English Free Members only

This e-Drive Unit has been designed to address New Mobility “Urban Mobility” (Ultra Light 4 wheelers) using a low power unit and very high level of efficiency. The development from scratch of the new unit and application
of new process which both made time to market faster:
- 15 Month from concept to Start of Production
- Drive train using different types of technologies for getting better trade off

What is new? Technology, Methods
a) Technology: The system architecture (decoupling machine and a reducer) allows us to use a new type of unit by the size and the power. The decoupling system did make the NVH optimization more simple and
allowed us to offer a wider range of ratios. Another benefit of the architecture is to offer a range of powers with an eMachine plug and play installation Finally an innovative safety approach was required to make the
system doable
b) Process: The development method using advanced tools was key to optimize the roll out plan and to shortcut a full prototype loop. (i.e. this part is providing the tools and know-how to enable time saving by “right first time”- approach and confidence in virtual testing)

International markets, requirements, strategies, consumers, regulation and programmes Transmissions, powertrains for ICV and HEV from low voltage (48V) to high voltage for passenger cars.