SÌA Powertrain & Power Electronics 2021 English

The SIA Powertrain Organising Committee and the SIA Automotive Power Electronics (APE) Organising Committee consolidated their successful cooperation to prepare the SIA POWERTRAIN & POWER ELECTRONICS // Digital Edition 2021 conference.

SIA POWERTRAIN & POWER ELECTRONICS conference has addressed the full spectrum of electric and hybrid drivetrain technologies paving the way of mobility decarbonization.

  • Electrified Thermal Engine & Energy Recovery
  • Power Electronics & Electric Technologies
  • Electrified Propulsion Systems
  • Fuel Cell Systems


Along with drivetrain technologies, special focus has been put on two important emerging topics:

  • Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-responsible design covering entire product life cycle from emission, energy and resources viewpoint.
  • Electromobility ecosystem with charging infrastructure as a key factor for low and zero carbon technologies widespread.


Many collaborative initiatives in drivetrain research field are undertaken to support industry recovery. Our conference is aiming at being a forum for them and for Automotive and Electronics industry sectors joint initiative in particular.



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