Visionary technology for new possibilities in headlight styling English Free Members only

Headlights today use light-signatures to show their brand belonging - brand design with light. These signatures are realized by daytime-running-lights and / or direction indicators. The direction indicator is rarely activated and at night the daytime-running-lights must be deactivated or dimmed to the position light level - the signature disappears, or the luminosity is reduced.
A new technology - Micro Lens Array - MLA - now allows the low and high beam to be generated out of an individual shape. This means that the brand design remains recognizable even at night.
Each carmaker could create his own “night signature” with a homogenous appearance, also from different viewing angles.
This technology now also enables vertical or curved main light modules and dynamization in the light appearance without influencing the light distribution itself. The overall height of light modules can also be reduced. A great leap in dimension is possible. [2]
Another important topic for the future is the required depth and the weight, especially for electric cars. The minimization of the optical system leads to very compact headlamps compared to all current products.
The lecture describes the technology, its risks, challenges and opportunities and will show potential and opportunities. MLA opens the way to a new dimension for light modules and design-oriented appearance.