The requirement to address issues of global warming and oil independence is leading the automotive industry to explore simultaneously a wide range of competitive clean powertrain technologies in close connection with fuel and energy scenario development.

To evaluate the potential of each solution on GHG emissions, the scientific community and policy maker are pursuing a global system approach following a well-to-wheel basis and life cycle assessment. In this approach, energy production, distribution and usage in the vehicle all contribute to the overall CO2 emissions reduction potential. As a consequence, the powertrain development should take a comprehensive system approach including combustion, electrification and fuels to ensure sustainable energy and emissions. Low carbon technologies for long range vehicles open up new opportunities but there are still important challenges. Their cost remains a major challenge in order to achieve customer acceptance and ensure a successful transition towards low and zero emissions vehicles.

In this context, the organizing committee decided to enlarge the scope of the 32nd SIA Powertrain congress, to consider the complete propulsion solution within its energy framework with a specific focus on long range passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Therefore, this new edition called SIA POWERTRAIN & ENERGY // 2020 covered all the ongoing developments of highly efficient combustion engines, hybridization and battery & fuel cell electric propulsion. It has also addressed the energy framework and roadmap concerning renewable energy use in transportation.



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