Automated driving for all: Entry Mated ® English Free Members only

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  • Related event International Congress : CESA 4.0 // Automotive Electronics - 16 & 17 November 2016
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  • Date 12/06/2016
  • Author T. Heitzmann, B. Bradaï, V. Picron - Valeo Driving Assistance Research | P. Maurel, R. Randriazanamparany, D. Taccoen - Valeo Transmissions Advanced Products Research Center
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Automated driving is not only providing solutions to global warming, traffic congestion, road safety; it is already changing the DNA for Automotive by bringing together new mindsets and new car usages. Parking assistance and emergency braking, lead the way for the acceptance of new functions such as automated driving in specific conditions. Motorway or traffic jam drive assist constitute the next step in driver’s expectation.
These new functions require high level of equipments including automated gearbox and sensing capabilities. These equipments are not spread on mass market cars and are out of proportion compared to entry segments vehicle costs.
Whereas automation of the transmission has been constantly progressing since the middle of 20th century, manual transmission is accounted for half the world production and is still the predilection transmission choice for emerging countries.
First driving automation functions are performed with radar and a front camera and coming soon Laser Scanner and are limited to premium vehicles.
In order to address low end market, an entry solution is proposed in this paper through Valeo Entry Mated® concept providing an affordable traffic jam assist function for a manual transmission vehicle.
The paper will present components, car architecture and detail the related sensors fusion concept. It will discuss the challenges that have been overcome to bring innovative and affordable solutions to entry Automated vehicles.