Delphi New Diesel Common Rail Injector Family English Free

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  • Date 05/21/2014
  • Author JL. Beduneau, P. Bercher, C. Cardon, G. Meissonnier, M. Uberti Bona, P. Voigt, HJ Schiffgens - Delphi
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Car manufacturers around the world are facing the significant market challenges of meeting strict governmental emissions regulations and fuel economy standards while delivering the performance that consumers demand. Building on the successes already achieved and the extensive experience in the global market, Delphi continues to develop next-generation technologies to meet these demands, including a new family of injectors, fuel pumps, Engine Control Unit (ECU) and rails for light and medium-duty applications to better fit customer requirements.
This new family of fuel injection equipment (FIE) offers improved performance through increased multiple injection optimization, leakage reduction and injection pressure increase up to 2,500 bar, translating into better injection control and better combustion, thus reducing fuel consumption, CO2 and other emissions.
This paper describes the approach Delphi utilized to develop the new injector family and outlines the innovative features included.
The new solenoid injector family is composed of three injectors with a modular design. A key feature is a common outline design to facilitate installation in an engine family presenting different performance levels. To support the engine output, the internal features of the injector are adjustable.
This new family of technologies is being launched starting with the DFI 1.20 injector on a completely new engine this year.