Gasoline Engine 2020: 200 kW/l and 200 g/kWh? English

The most significant technology trend with future Gasoline engines is the increasing application of turbocharged GDI. For mainstream TGDI, today the power range is between 65-95 kW/l, BMEP between 17- 25 bar and a minimum BSFC around 230-240 g/kWh. In future, this range will be significantly extended. AVL already demonstrated 168 kW/l in a demo car and 200 kW/l is under development. Miller/Atkinson cycle plus high compression ratio and cooled EGR enables a 200g/kWh BSFC level, however, compromises full load performance. To obtain both high power and high efficiency, variable valve lift and variable compression ratio have to be combined.


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