Combustion analysis under pre-ignition conditions: constraints and recommendations English Free Members only

Working with abnormal combustion, especially pre-ignition, is a strong constraint during the development of modern turbocharged gasoline engines. Indeed, pre-ignition can lead to the breakage of the engine and its equipment, including the cylinder pressure sensors. Such phenomenon is still difficult to anticipate and even impossible if the cylinder pressure sensor has been damaged.
In this study we will evaluate the influence of the sensor’s type and its mounting location on the detection and evaluation of pre-ignition events. Several tests have been performed on a 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine and led to concrete recommendations dealing with:
- The sensor itself to prevent from any premature breakage.
- The complete measuring chain, i.e. sensor + signal conditioning + data acquisition, to get a workable cylinder pressure signal and therefore better characterize these pre-ignition events.