International Conference : SIA Powertrain // Versailles 2017 English

  • 077-8 June 2017
  • Versailles, France
  • From 0€ to 990€


SIA powertrain_versailles 2017


The automotive industry is entering one of the most exciting periods in its history: driving aids, high-tech embedded systems, connected cars, large-scale hybridization… in an ultra-competitive environment.


Automotive powertrains, especially gasoline, are first in line to benefit from these opportunities but also to meet future challenges: provide global solutions at reasonable costs and provide performance benefits with increasing respect for environmental issues. Implementing overall powertrain optimization strategies plus hybrid energy distribution will also confirm transmissions’ key role.


In this context, the 2017 SIA Powertrain Congress in Versailles will address “The low CO2 gasoline engine of the future and its hybridization.” The gasoline engine, hybrid or not, has a major role to play:

  • it supports the international development of the automotive industry by meeting most global market needs,
  • it now offers leading performance through downsizing, and
  • its strong synergy with hybridization helps optimize benefits vs. costs.


The 2015 edition was a fantastic success: more than 400 participants, 50 technical papers, from more than 18 countries. Be part of this adventure and the Gasoline Powertrain revolution. Submit an abstract before November 2, 2016.



Programme of the last edition


Philippe Bernet | Renault

Pierre Duret | IFP School
Federico Millo | Politecnico di Torino

Erwann Samson | Groupe PSA
Amin Velji | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Organising committee
Nadim Andraos | FEV
Jean-Marc Boulard | IAV
Pierre-Yves Geels | AVL

Noureddine Guerrassi | Delphi Automotive
Omar Hadded | Drive System Design
Emmanuel Jean | Faurecia
Jean-Christophe Lamodiere | Kistler

Marc Lejeune | Renault Trucks
Geoffroy Martin | Mov’eo
Jean-Jacques Milesi | Dynergia
Gaëtan Monnier | IFP Energies Nouvelles

Hans-Joachin Nuglisch | Continental Automotive

Sébastien Potteau | Valeo
Rémy Schmitt | Robert Bosch


Scientific committee
Frank Altenschmidt | Daimler
Christophe Bouly | Faurecia

Guenter Fraidl | AVL

Pascal Hervet | Valeo Transmissions
Neville S. Jackson | Ricardo

Denis Levasseur | Renault

Kyougdoug Min | Seoul National University

Ali Mohammadi | Toyota Motor Europe

Virginie Morel | Aramco

Yasuo Moriyoshi | Chiba University

Jérôme Mortal | Jaguar Land Rover

Ricardo Novella | CMT Motores Termicos
Walter Piock | Delphi Automotive

Daniel Roettge | Ford Research Centre Aachen

Jean-Sébastien Roux | Honeywell

Marc Sens | IAV

Philippe Souhaité | Groupe PSA

Alex Tylee-Bridsall | Drive System Design





Attendees registration - Breakfast in the exhibition

Opening Plenary Session & Keynote Speeches

Opening address by the Conference Chairmen

Philippe BERNET | Renault

Erwann SAMSON | Groupe PSA


Global Energy Demand from Road Transportation Vehicles – A View by 2030 by the PFA & BIPE

Catherine GIRARD - Expert Leader, Strategy on Energy and Raw Materials | Renault


Renewable fuels: a natural way for green ICE enabling a circular economy

Dario SACCO, Head of Powertrain Research and Technology | Centro Ricerche FIAT


The SI Engine: at the end of its development ? 

Frank ALTENSCHMIDT - Development Engineer | Daimler 


Consideration of Powertrain Rational Evolution through Electrification

Ryozo HIRAKU - Powertrain advanced engineering Alliance General Manager | Alliance Renault Nissan


Technology Trends For Gasoline Injection Systems
Philippe BERCHER - Deputy Engineering Director FIE, Powertrain Systems | Delphi


The transformation of powertrain with electrification
Michel FORISSIER - Product Marketing, Research and Development Director | Valeo


Panel Discussion with the Keynote Speakers


Coffee Break

Variable Compression Ratio Philippe BERNET | Renault & Erwann SAMSON | Groupe PSA Energy Management & Control Franck ALTENSCHMIDT | Daimler & Yasuo MORIYOSHI | Chiba University EGR Management Emmanuel JEAN | Faurecia & Daniel ROTGGER | Ford Cylinder Deactivation & Cam Phasing Geoffroy MARTIN | MOVEO & Ricardo NOVELLA | CMT

Combination of Variable Compression Ratio and Early Intake Valve Closing as a Basis for Future Highly Efficient Gasoline Engines

M. Sens, M. Guenther, U. Walther, S. Nicklitzsch, J. Mueller | IAV


Predictive and Optimal Control for Connected Hybrid Vehicle

M. Sans | Continental Automotive


Optimisation of Low Pressure EGR to Reduce BSFC on a 3-Cylinder Gasoline Turbocharged Direct
Injection Engine

S. Petrovic, C. Vigild, J. Groeger, K. Grieser, A. Kuske | Ford Research Centre



Potentials of  Modern Camshaft Phasing Systems

P. Solfrank, J. Dietz | Schaeffler Technologies


AVL Dual Mode VCSTM - The Modular and Cost Efficient CO2 Reduction

H. Sorger, W. Schöffmann, S. Lösch, A. Krobath, A. Fürhapter, W. Unzeitig, G. Fraidl | AVL

K. Arens, Th. Weiß, M. Heller | iwis motorsysteme



Online Optimal Control of a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Adaptive Battery Discharge Management

T. Miro Padovani, A. Ketfi-Cherif | Renault


LP EGR mixing under RDE extended conditions: analysis of key parameters influencing condensation

I. Vidal, A. Sotelo, I. Gonzalez, X. Perez | BorgWarner


Dynamic Skip Fire:  An Optimized Cylinder Deactivation Strategy

M. Younkins, J. Fuerst | Tula Technology


VCR-VVA-High Expansion Ratio: A Very Effective Way to Miller-Atkinson Cycle

V. Collee, C. Constensou | MCE-5 Development


Fuel Economy Benefits of Electrified Powertrains with Advanced Combustion Engines: Mild to Strong HEV Applications

M. Shahbakhti, A. Solouk| Michigan Technological University


Simultaneous Achievement of Low Emissions and High Efficiency through Dedicated Exhaust Recirculation

T. Alger, T. Briggs, C. Chadwell, B. Denton  | Southwest Research Institute


Innovative Active Torsional Vibrational Damping System for Engine Cylinder Deactivation, Down Speeding & Best Comfort    

V. Saxena, F. Schneider, A. Moser | BorgWarner


Lunch Break

Advanced Engine Concepts Ali MOHAMMADI | Toyota Europe & Andy WARD | Ricardo Particulate Emissions Mitigation Nadim ANDRAOS | FEV & Jean Marc BOULARD | IAV Efficient Engine & Ignition Hans NUGLISCH | Continental Automotive & Marc SENS | IAV Hybrid Transmissions Jérôme MORTAL | Jaguar Land Rover & Alex TYLEE | DSD

Investigation of Combustion Engine Concepts for the use in an Electrified Powertrain    

V. Bevilacqua | Porsche Engineering


Emissions from Vehicle Exhaust of Gaseous Precursors of Atmospheric Particles



Increasing Modern Spark Ignition Engine Efficiency: Optimization of Intake Ports Dedicated to Miller Cycle, High Dilution and Increased Compression Ratio

J. Trost, O. Laget, M. Cordier, F. Duffour, X. Gautrot | IFPEN


Electric Drive Units for Hybrid Vehicles: Topology and Impact on Efficiency

F. Garbo, A. Michaelides, J. Mortal | Jaguar Land Rover


A Modular Base Engine Architecture for Mild Hybrid Applications

P Grzeschik, J. Scharf, A. Uhlmann, M. Souren, M. Plettenberg, J. Lehmann, A. Balazs | FEV


Gasoline Particulate Filters – Market and Technology Trends and their Impact on Calibration

M. Görgen, S. Herrmann, M. Hendrikx, M.Nijs, J. Scharf | FEV

S. Sterlepper l Institute for Combustion Engines, RWTH Aachen University


Engine and Aftertreatment Strategies for Lean Gasoline Engines to Meet Real Driving Emissions Legislation

E.Koehler, R. Osborne, M. Keenan, T. Downes | Ricardo


PHEV and HEV: New Alliance Hybrid Transmission for Compact Cars

N. Fremau, A. Ketfi-Charif, A. Vignon | Renault


200kW/l: Modular Engine Family Stretch for Highest Commonality and Performance

M. Neubauer, P. Kapus, D. Hilbert, W. Schoeffmann | AVL


Performance of advanced Gasoline Particulate Filter Material for Real Driving Conditions

D. Thier, K. Kato, M. Yamashita, C. D. Vogt | NGK EUROPE
Y. Ito, T. Shimoda, T. Aoki, H. Sakamoto | NGK INSULATORS


Homogenous Lean Burn Combustion for Gasoline Engines: A Comparison between High Energy Spark Ignition and High Frequency Corona Ignition Systems

A. Paa, M. Wörner, C. Spang, G. Rottenkolber | University of Applied Sciences Esslingen


Full Hybrid Planetary Transmission with On Demand Actuation

P. Janssen, Y. Zhang | FEV


Extremely Downsized Gasoline Demonstrator Vehicle

M. Bassett, J. Hall, T. Cains | MAHLE Powertrain

R. Wall | Aeristech


Experimental Investigation of Ethanol Blends in a DISI-Engine in Transient Operation with Regard to Particle Emissions and Mixture Formation

A. Heinz, H. Karlsruhe, J. Pfeil, C.Disch, T. Koch | KIT


A Novel Low-Temperature Plasma Ignition System Applied to a GHP Engine

Y.  Moriyoshi, T. Kuboyama, O. Matsumoto | Chiba University

T. Nakamura, Y. Kinuzawa | Toyota

K. Tanoue | Ohita University


The Future for the Connected Drivetrain Systems

S. Shepherd | Drive System Design


Coffee Break



Christian CHAPELLE - Head of Powertrains and Chassis | Groupe PSA

Anthony HARPER - Research Director | Jaguar Land Rover

Helmut LIST - President | AVL

Robert MEYER - Vice President Corporate Strategy/Cooperations | BMW

Koichi NAKATA - Project General Manager, Advanced Engine Design & Engineering Div., Powertrain company | Toyota

Alain RAPOSO | Renault


Cocktail in the Exhibition


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This unique event will bring together more than 500 participants: directors, managers, heads of department, engineers, researchers and technicians. An exceptional line-up of guests and speakers will be present for the occasion.

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conference venue


public transportation

  From Roissy CDG Airport, take RER B towards Paris and stop at “Saint-Michel Notre-Dame”.
Then, take another train RER C towards Versailles Rive-Gauche. Stop at “Versailles Rive-Gauche”.
The Palais des Congrès is 5 min by foot.
  From Saint-Lazare station (Paris), take a SNCF train towards Paris “Versailles Rive-Droite”.
The Palais des Congrès is 20 min by foot.