International Conference : SIA Powertrain // Versailles 2017

  • 077 & 8 June 2017
  • Versailles, France
  • From 0€ to 990€


SIA powertrain_versailles 2017


The automotive industry is entering one of the most exciting periods in its history: driving aids, high-tech embedded systems, connected cars, large-scale hybridization… in an ultra-competitive environment.


Automotive powertrains, especially gasoline, are first in line to benefit from these opportunities but also to meet future challenges: provide global solutions at reasonable costs and provide performance benefits with increasing respect for environmental issues. Implementing overall powertrain optimization strategies plus hybrid energy distribution will also confirm transmissions’ key role.


In this context, the 2017 SIA Powertrain Congress in Versailles will address “The low CO2 gasoline engine of the future and its hybridization.” The gasoline engine, hybrid or not, has a major role to play:

  • it supports the international development of the automotive industry by meeting most global market needs,
  • it now offers leading performance through downsizing, and
  • its strong synergy with hybridization helps optimize benefits vs. costs.


The 2015 edition was a fantastic success: more than 400 participants, 50 technical papers, from more than 18 countries. Be part of this adventure and the Gasoline Powertrain revolution.


Philippe Bernet | Renault

Pierre Duret | IFP School
Federico Millo | Politecnico di Torino

Erwann Samson | Groupe PSA
Amin Velji | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Organising committee
Nadim Andraos | FEV
Jean-Marc Boulard | IAV
Pierre-Yves Geels | AVL

Noureddine Guerrassi | Delphi Automotive
Omar Hadded | Drive System Design
Emmanuel Jean | Faurecia
Jean-Christophe Lamodière | AVL

Marc Lejeune | Renault Trucks
Geoffroy Martin | Mov’eo
Jean-Jacques Milesi | Dynergia
Gaëtan Monnier | IFP Energies Nouvelles

Hans-Joachin Nuglisch | Continental Automotive

Sébastien Potteau | EMC - MTT
Rémy Schmitt | Robert Bosch


Scientific committee
Frank Altenschmidt | Daimler
Christophe Bouly | Faurecia

Guenter Fraidl | AVL

Pascal Hervet | Valeo Transmissions
Neville S. Jackson | Ricardo

Denis Levasseur | Renault

Kyougdoug Min | Seoul National University

Ali Mohammadi | Toyota Motor Europe

Virginie Morel | Aramco

Yasuo Moriyoshi | Chiba University

Jérôme Mortal | Jaguar Land Rover

Ricardo Novella | CMT Motores Termicos
Walter Piock | Delphi Automotive

Daniel Roettger | Ford Research Centre Aachen

Jean-Sébastien Roux | Honeywell

Marc Sens | IAV

Philippe Souhaité | Groupe PSA

Alex Tylee-Bridsall | Drive System Design





Welcome Coffee in the Exhibition

Micro & Mild Hybrids Pierre Yves GEELS | AVL & Sebastien POTTEAU | EMC-MTT Fuel Injection Rémy SCHMITT | BOSCH & Philippe SOUHAITE | Groupe PSA Boosting Technologies Gunther FRAIDL | AVL & Gaétan MONNIER | IFPEN Virtual Engine Design Kyoungdoug MIN | Seoul National University & Jean Sebastien ROUX | Honeywell

Next Gen 48 Volt Hybrids by New Architectures and Connectivity

F. Graf, S. Lauer | Continental Automotive


Port Fuel Injection: Combustion Efficiency Improvement & PN Reduction

C. Genin | Continental Automotive


VNTTM Turbocharger for Gasoline “Miller” Engines

N. Bontemps, J-S. Roux, D. Jeckel | Honeywell

A. Schloßhauer | Institute for Combustion Engines, RWTH Aachen University

D. Lückmann, R. Aymanns | FEV


Fully virtual Development of a EU7 compliant Gasoline Combustion System, using an efficient 0D/1D/3D based Development Approach

N. Genty, N. Iannucci, A. Raulot, A. Tellier | Groupe PSA
L. Boettcher, E. T. Faulseit, C. Frottier, M. Riess, M. Sens | IAV


12+12V and 12+48V Hybridization: A Modular Approach and Transmission Impacts

O. Coppin | Valeo


Realising Mixture Formation Benefits with a Dual Port Fuel Injection (PFI) System

A. Kevric, P. Richardson, H. Kaneta, M. Iwamuro, T. Mizobuchi, H. Shibata | DENSO


AC Cooler for Electrical Supercharger Compressed Air    

E. Droulez | Valeo


Numerical Study on the Particle Number Emission of Different Charge Motion and Injection Strategies in a DI-SI Engine at High Engine Load  

D. Notheis, A. Velji, T. Koch, M. Bertsch | KIT


The Hybridised Layshaft Transmission

B. Chiswick, M. Lorenzo, M. Hole | Drive System Design


Near-Field Velocity Measurement of a Multihole GDI Injector

Y. Cao, J-B. Blaisot, S. Idahcen, C. Lacour | CORIA


Enhanced Gasoline Engine Performance with Water Injection  

J. Op de Beeck, L. Duez | Plastic Omnium


Simulation of Fast Transients of GDI Engines using Large-Eddy Simulation

B. Roux, J. Bohbot, G. Pilla, M. Cordier, A. Poubeau, S. Jay | IFPEN


COFFEE BREAK & Students Poster Session

Real Driving Emissions Challenges Jean Christophe LAMODIERE | AVL & Philippe BERCHER | Delphi Knock Mitigation Alain FLOCH | Renault & Jean Jacques MILESI | Dynergia Gasoline Auto-Ignition Concepts Virginie MOREL | ARAMCO & Pierre DURET | IFP School Advanced Transmissions Omar HADDED | DSD & Pascal HERVET | Valeo

Increasing RDE Robustness using Methods of Statistical Learning

F. Springer, M. Hegmann, M. Knaak, D. Reppel | IAV


The Effect of Thermal Boundary Conditions on Knock Characteristics in a Single Cylinder Spark Ignited Engine

S. Cho, C. Song, K. Min | Seoul National University

M. Kim | Myeongji University

K-P. Ha, B. Kim, I. Suh | Hyundai Motor Group


Transition between SI and CAI Operating Modes in an Automotive, Low Cost, Gasoline, 2-Stroke Engine

J. Benajes, J.J. Lopez, J. Valero-Marco | CMT-Motores Térmicos

G. Coma, C. Libert | Renault


E-Clutch as an Enabler for the Hybridisation of Manual Transmissions

L. Muller, M. Kneißler, T. Eckenfels | Schaeffler

New modelling process to estimate real-world emissions
P. Barker | RICARDO

Injection Strategy for GCI Engine at Low Load

P. M. Pinazzi, F. Foucher | University of Orléans


Freewheeling Concept: Hybrid Benefits for Manual Transmission at Low Cost

G. Bartley, S. Fraser | Drive System Design


RDE Testing for the Future. Digital Transformation and Realtime-Simulation of Real Driving Emissions and Fuel Consumption

C. Pötsch, F. Pfister, J. Wurzenberger, F. Le Rhun | AVL


Knock Mitigation Techniques for Highly Boosted Downsized SI Engines

F. Millo, M. Mirzaeian, D. Porcu | Politecnico di Torino


Advancement of GDCI Engine Technology for US 2025 CAFE and Tier3 Emissions

M. Sellnau, M. Foster, W. Moore, K. Hoyer, J. Sinnamon, B. Klemm | Delphi


Novel Actuation and Control for a Multi-Speed Powershifting Transmission for Electrified Vehicles

A. C.O. Smith, R. Taylor, R. J. Barnes | Vocis


vRDE – A Virtual Extension of the RDE Tool Chain

H. Mezher, M. Wenig, C. Armbruster | Gamma Technologies


Octane-on-Demand as an Enabler for Lowering CO2 Footprint of Mobility: From Engine Tests to Vehicle Demonstration and Life Cycle Analysis

V. Morel, M. Bedon, V. Gordillo Zavaleta | Aramco

L. de Francqueville, G.Bourhis, F. Vidal-Naquet, S. Charmasson, S. Dosda | IFPEN



Progress in Light-Duty OPGCI Engine Design and Testing

R. Hanson, F. Redon, S. Strauss, A. Salvi | Achates Power


TRANSCEND - Ultra-Wide Ratio Hybrid DCT

S. Nesbitt | Jaguar Land Rover


Poster Award Ceremony !



New Engines Introduction Federico MILLO | Politecnico di Torino & Amin VELJI | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The New Renault 1.0 MPI Engine

Ph. Grataloup, A. Jarasse, O. Chambert, M. Cuyeu, D. Dragne, S. Pruski, F. Alizon, B. Gourdel, J.P. Le Lagadec, S. Bauchet | Renault


PSA Group's Proposals to Improve the Engine of the Year 2015 & 2016

F. Gouzonnat, S. Dessarthe, N. Goursot, P. Souhaite, S. Izelfanane, S. Le Coq | Groupe PSA


Ingenium SI engine - Control strategies to deliver a world-class engine

N. Brockley, J. Saunders, M. McAllister, F. Borean | Jaguar Land Rover

closing session

Gasoline Powertrains: Fascinating Challenges for Mobility and Environment

Patrice MAREZ - Powertrain System Senior Expert - Vice President | Groupe PSA


Conference synthesis & Conclusion by the Conference Chairmen

Philippe BERNET | Renault

Erwann SAMSON | Groupe PSA


End of Conference


conference venue


10 rue de la Chancellerie

78000 Versailles, France

 → access map



public transportation

  From Roissy CDG Airport, take RER B towards Paris and stop at “Saint-Michel Notre-Dame”.
Then, take another train RER C towards Versailles Rive-Gauche. Stop at “Versailles Rive-Gauche”.
The Palais des Congrès is 5 min by foot.

From Saint-Lazare station (Paris), take a SNCF train towards Paris “Versailles Rive-Droite”.
The Palais des Congrès is 20 min by foot.


Access and transportation map



recommended hotels

Pullman Versailles Chateau

Mercure Versailles Chateau

Novotel Chateau de Versailles

Ibis Versailles Chateau