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Catégorie : SIA/Articles techniques
Titre :An Architectural Approach to Autonomics and Self-management of Automotive Embedded Electronic Systems
Date :29/01/2008
Auteur :D.J. Chen, M. Persson - Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm
R. Anthony - University of Greenwich London
D. Scholle - Enea AB Kista Sweden
V. Friesen - Daimler AG Ulm
A. Rettberg - University of Paderborn Germany
Langue :English
Format :Fichier PDF 0,3 Mo
( livraison exclusivement par télechargement )
Nbre de pages :8
Code :R-2008-01-2B02

Embedded electronic systems in vehicles are of rapidly increasing commercial importance for the automotive industry. While current vehicular embedded systems are extremely limited and static, a more dynamic configurable system would greatly simplify the integration work and increase quality of vehicular systems.

This brings in features like separation of concerns, customised software configuration for individual vehicles, seamless connectivity, and plug-and-play capability.

Furthermore, such a system can also contribute to increased dependability and resource optimization due to its inherent ability to adjust itself dynamically to changes in software, hardware resources, and environment condition.

This paper describes the architectural approach to achieving the goals of dynamically self-configuring automotive embedded electronic systems by the EU research project DySCAS. The architecture solution outlined in this paper captures the application and operational contexts, expected features, middleware services, functions and behaviours, as well as the basic mechanisms and technologies.

The paper also covers the architecture conceptualization by presenting the rationale, concerning the architecture structuring, control principles, and deployment concept. In this paper, we also present the adopted architecture V&V strategy and discuss some open issues in regards to the industrial acceptance.

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