Digital Projections: Distraction Potential for Other Traffic Participants English Free

  • Category Technical paper
  • Related event International Congress : SIA VISION 2022 - 19 & 20 OCTOBER 2022
  • Edition SIA
  • Date 11/07/2022
  • Author Michael Hamm, Jonas Kobbert, Christian Hinterwälder (AUDI)
  • Language English
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  • Code R-2022-06-02
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The paper will focus on research on digital projections. The study presents research findings with test persons if and in which geometrical space road projections are visible to other road traffic participants. Such participants can be e.g. oncoming, passing drivers or pedestrians standing aside the road. Luminance Measurements under various Observation Angles are discussed. Published Eye mark studies on visual gaze and the 3-dimensional gaze direction of drivers are investigated and compared.
With the derived data, a grid was created to identify the areas where digital projections could be understood and where the digital projections are just illegible. As a dominant factor the grazing incidence by means of geometrical projection and luminance was identified. Since the projecting car is moving, for each of the traffic participant group, a realistic detection zone and time period was calculated in a dynamic traffic situation.
One of the big concerns regarding digital projections is potential distraction. The study will contribute to an evaluation of distraction and disturbance potential based on geometric data.
The results show that distraction for other road participants is unlikely for any position outside very limited areas. The dynamic “readability map” of digital road projections is given.