Relative effect of sound and powertrain vibrations on the overall discomfort in a driving car experience English Free

  • Category Technical paper
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  • Date 11/02/2021
  • Author L. LAROCHE, E. PARIZET & D. PIRANDA- INSA Lyon | F. BORNET - Groupe PSA
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Sound and vibration can be considered as the two main sources of discomfort when driving. The objective of this study is to quantify the relative influence of each of these sources on overall discomfort. Based on knowledge of the relative influence of vibration sources in interaction with the driver, such as seat, floor or steering wheel. Powertrain vibration situations have been generated in a way that each vibration interface induces an equivalent level of discomfort. In a driving simulator, showing a straight road, 25 sound and vibration situations were presented to 15 participants. Vibration presented were 30 Hz signal with levels ranged from 110 to 120 dB at the floor and steering wheel interfaces and 100 to 110 dB for the seat (0 dB ref : 10-6 m/s²) added with a rolling noise between 60 and 76 dB A. For each situation, the participant were asked to rate their overall feeling of discomfort, using a Borg scale between 0 and 50.

This experiment evaluates the relative discomfort induced by noise and allowed to determine their relative weighting in an overall discomfort index. Results and limitations will be presented at the congress.