Virtual pre-calibration of global volumetric efficiency of a turbocharged SI engine English Free Members only

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  • Date 04/07/2021
  • Author T.Payet-Burin, O. Davodet | Stellantis // A. Maiboom, Y. Le Moual, F. Prevost | Ecole Centrale Nantes, LHEEA Lab., Nantes, France
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The content of this paper focuses on the development and use of a 1D engine model to calibrate the global volumetric efficiency in the ECU of a turbocharged SI engine. In the past years, the powertrain development heavily relied on tests, in particular during the calibration activities. Although 1D-CFD engine performance model might not be accurate enough for the moment to completely perform a virtual calibration, it can be used upfront in the project to realize some pre-calibrations and, combined with test, help the calibration team during the calibration process.

First, a 1D GT-Power engine performance model is build-up and calibrated using test results from a first
prototype. After that, the model is used to perform simulation projections on a second engine stage
without any additional correlation. Comparison to measurements is also done during this new stage.

Finally, the use of the 1D model combined with tests and a machine learning procedure, in order to perform the final calibration of the engine, is detailed at the end.