Modeling Market Incident Rate Using Weibull Distribution English Free

  • Category SIA Collaborative Documents
  • Edition SIA
  • Date 03/04/2020
  • Author Lavanya BONVIN, Medoune NDIAYE & Caroline RAMUS SERMENT - Groupe PSA | Nicolas FORISSIER & Bertrand REGIS - Groupe Renault | Rémi LARONDE - Valeo | Christian NIGGEL - Continental
  • Language English
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This document has been written by a group of quality experts of Continental, PSA, Renault and Valeo, as part of the work of the SIA Expert Community Reliability - Quality - Safety.

There are already many publications regarding how to model market incidents using Weibull distributions. However, most of them describe the different methodologies following an “academic” way.

The novelty of this document is to provide an “operational” method essentially dedicated to automotive industry situations (but which could be also extended to other technical domains) to be used in case of market incidents.

In this situation, all involved parties (mainly suppliers and car manufacturers) need to quantify market incident level and prediction (based on a shared methodology avoiding questioning figures), as one of the input data before defining the adequate response (technically and financially) to solve this issue




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