Impact of battery pack integration on packaging and body architecture English Free Members only

Introduction overviews updated needs for electrified vehicles.
BEV, PHEV, HEV vehicles are defined with associated technical targets. PSA portfolio for future is explained with PHEV and BEV offers unveiled in 2018 Paris motor show; PHEV & BEV characteristics are skimmed.
Battery is described as cornerstone for platform engineering and architecture. Larger is the battery, deeper is integration in architecture & Body in White. Different levels of integration are described.
Battery pack housing is depicted as key for vehicle performances in one hand; as a key for BIW integration in other hand. Two areas are zoomed: crash and NVH.
To conclude, battery pack & BIW stiffness and crash performances contribution are to be tuned together. Bigger the battery, higher the contribution. Future will be more in deep integration.