APE Automotive Power Electronics 2017 English

Once again the Automotive Power Electronics Conference (APE) was organized by the French Société des Ingénieurs de l’Automobile (SIA) at la Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie de la Villette in Paris.

The acceleration of the market is due to several aspects appearing at the same time. Batteries are cheaper than expected, charging infrastructure is arriving with big steps and then the power electronics semiconductors technology allows to drastically reduce size, weight and cost of the systems making the total cost of ownership of electric cars soon lower than the one of traditional vehicles.
To help us having the best overview on these aspects, the conference will start with a focus on French and Japanese car manufacturers with Renault, PSA and - in the spirit of our cooperation with APE Japan - Toyota. Korea will also be represented by Hyundai and from the USA Faraday future to complete the picture. We will also round up the view of power electronics users and system designers with the Tier 1 ecosystem around companies like Valeo, Bosch or AVL and as special guest HONDA with a speech on fuel cell aspects. The market for automotive power electronics is accelerating and this will have an infl uence on the business development of semiconductor suppliers IHS will give us an introduction on this topic.
This event is for sure a MUST for all experts in the field of electric mobility, mechatronics and more largely automotive power electronics as the subject is of highest interest in a totally changing automotive industry.


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