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  • Subheading The low CO2 gasoline engine of the future and its hybridization
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  • Date 07/04/2017
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The automotive industry is entering one of the most exciting periods in its history: driving aids, high-tech embedded systems, connected cars, large-scale hybridization… in an ultra-competitive environment.

Automotive powertrains, especially gasoline, are first in line to benefit from these opportunities but also to meet future challenges: provide global solutions at reasonable costs and provide performance benefits with increasing respect for environmental issues. Implementing overall powertrain optimization strategies plus hybrid energy distribution will also confirm transmissions’ key role.

In this context, the 2017 SIA Powertrain Congress in Versailles have addressed “The low CO2 gasoline engine of the future and its hybridization.” The gasoline engine, hybrid or not, has a major role to play:

  • it supports the international development of the automotive industry by meeting most global market needs,
  • it now offers leading performance through downsizing, and
  • its strong synergy with hybridization helps optimize benefits vs. costs.


The 29th edition of the conference in Versailles was again a great success with 590 participants, 58 technical presentations and 24 exhibitors.


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