PSA group's proposals to improve the engine of the year 2015 & 2016 English Free Members only

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Gasoline engine is clearly one of the most important topic of PSA Group strategy. It is and will remain in the coming years the best-selling engine type in most regions of the world.

Based on 3 engines families, quality and environmental performance of these powertrains are the enablers of quick and sustainable international development.

The EB PureTech family, launched in 2012, proposes power range from 70 HP to 130 HP. The Engine of the Year was awarded to the turbocharged versions due to outstanding fun to drive and performance. This high efficiency results from modern technologies such as direct injection, high compression ratio, high tumble air motion, late Atkinson strategy, integrated exhaust manifold, optimized friction losses... At the end of the day, the specific torque of 192 N.m/l leads to 21% improvement in fuel consumption compared to the replaced engine.

But this engine has to be modified to comply with €6.d regulation. So, how to improve the engine of the year?

PSA Group will offer an even better engine, based on new improvements done on:

  1. Emission control system: particulate filter
  2. Fuel consumption optimization due to work on combustion and boosting systems: electric wastegate, new variable valve timing system.
  3. Fuel consumption optimization due to reduced friction losses: new low viscosity oil, optimized valvetrain system, improved ring pack…
  4. Quality / reliability, with reinforced engine parts to support increased cylinder pressure and thermal flux: new cylinder head design, new piston with ring carrier…


With these modifications, the new EB PureTech turbocharged engine will stay the reference of its segment. And it will be ready for more powerful versions that will be presented in 2018.