Laser scanning unit for light symbol projection English

  • Category Technical paper
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  • Date 10/14/2014
  • Author Joscha ROTH - Leibniz University Hanover & Benjamin MEYER, Sebastian THOMSCHKE - Volkswagen AG
  • Language English
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Over the last years, several OEMs and suppliers have introduced laser as a novel light source in automotive lighting. Due to higher luminance values, smaller sizes of a laser diode compared to LED and the general properties of a laser beam, smaller optical parts can be used to shape the light. To fulfill the requirements of future headlamps with smaller size and high-resolution light distributions, new technologies in automotive lighting have to be considered. One of these technologies is scanning. By quickly deflecting a beam of light using a movable mirror, a certain area, depending on the tilt angles of the mirror axes, can be illuminated. With a synchronized control of mirror deflection and light source, arbitrary shapes of light can be realized. The application of laser light sources in automotive headlamps allows the utilization of Micro-Opto-Electro- Mechanical-Systems (MOEMS) scanner. This paper gives a technical overview of the two most common MOEMS scanner drives and the used electrodynamic scanner is investigated. Besides, it describes a functional concept comprising the electrodynamic MOEMS scanner and laser as a light source to project arbitrary symbols and information in the near field light distribution. Moreover a control concept for the applied MOEMS-scanner is presented and first results are shown.


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