Topological Optimization using Level-Set, a new Industrial Solution English Free Members only

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  • Related event Journée d'étude : Optimisation topologique - 24 novembre 2016
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  • Date 12/06/2016
  • Author D. Lachouette, P. Conraux, S. Dischert - ESI Group
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Weight reduction is a very important issue in the industry, particularly in the industry of transport vehicles. To meet this objective, ESI has developed a disruptive and innovative optimization tool based on the technology of the level-set [[5], [6]]. Unlike existing methods (homogenization, and flavors: power law, SIMP etc. [[1], [8]]), the level-set representation allows an accurate sharp knowledge of the boundary location, thus we are able to have a large scope of geometrical constraints of the shape, or to include manufacturing constraints involving precise knowledge of the shape like casting or additive manufacturing processes.