Adaptive intelligent Rear Lamp System English Free Members only

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  • Date 10/14/2016
  • Author P. Albou, A. Boilevin - Valeo Lighting Systems
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Though they may seem huge to people involved in the field since the “bulb” age, progress in rear lighting and rear lamps has been nonetheless limited for decades past: a few new functions were introduced (CHMSL, DRL) and the availability of LED and OLED light sources made new, hence unseen but nevertheless technology constrained, signatures possible or affordable (for instance, thanks to light guides). More recently some extensions to existing functions were proposed (break force display, which did not spread yet, or tracer lights for turn indicators). In all cases, the information (and even more the services) provided by the rear lamps is limited and did not change much.

As we can foresee the fast raise of the connected, probably autonomous and possibly electric car, we must imagine rear lamps fit for these new vehicles and vehicles uses. In this paper we describe a solution to drastically increase the amount of information provided by the rear lamps and the new services they can offer to their owners.

driving and other real-life situations, providing increased safety and pleasure in car usage. We’ll describe several of them. Finally we’ll discuss regulation issues and a possible road to making these new signaling functions approved.