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The VISION congress organised by the SIA is now well-known. This International Congress was created in 2002 and is held on a bi-annual basis, a conference:
• with a unique platform for top-level scientists and engineers from universities, research centres and industries, represented by directors, managers, department leaders and experts,
• a networking opportunity with exchanges between all lighting/DA players around an exhibition covering a wide range of products and services in the fi eld of lighting and detection systems for ADAS,
• a fast-growing event, with record participation of 420 attendees in 2014, up 20% from 2012,
• characterised by night drive tests with more than 25 demo-cars in 2014 running on a private circuit in order to demonstrate the recent innovations in lighting and driver assistance.


2016 saw progress in innovation in front-lighting with adaptive lighting systems, LEDs, matrix beams, marker lights, laser beams and night vision, in signal lighting with DRLs, intelligent signal lights and OLEDs, in ADAS with new sensors and detectors, and in the development of virtual simulators for design and validation.
The event gathered 570 major players in the lighting and ADAS fields to address key topics for vision and road safety.


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