Laser Spot: specification study for improved safety and comfort English Free Members only

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  • Date 10/14/2014
  • Author A. LEROUX, B. REISS, Z.THABET - Valeo
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Since recently, Laser source appears to be the potential next source for exterior lighting. With their high luminance, they could be used for high performances lamps in compact environments. Among the different solutions already presented, providing a spot beam, in order to increase maximum intensity of the high beam, will be the first application on the market. Since this spot module is quite new, no real standard

has been set yet to define optimized beam shapes. Specifying maximum intensity and possibly lumen output, is one thing. But what would be a good light repartition? Which spread is necessary, with which intensity level? Vertical repartition is also a key factor, above the horizon, as well as junction with the low beam. This paper presents different beam configurations and their respective performances, especially in terms of visibility distances, improvements on obstacle detections, as well as driver comfort.