Ingénieurs de l'automobile N°842 Bimestrial review

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  • Date 07/05/2016
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  • Number of pages 66
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Les nouvelles fonctions directionnelles

Développement des voitures urbaines, demande accrue de confort et de dynamisme, véhicules autonomes ; toutes ces mutations automobiles ont une infl uence sur les systèmes de direction. Leurs prestations doivent alors évoluer.

Hydrogen: another approach to the  electric car

The development of urban cars, growing demand for comfort and dynamism, autonomous vehicles-all these evolutionary changes in the motoring world are infl uencing steering systems. Steering systems are having to get their act together.


International Conference SIA Rouen 2016 :

• Thermal Management for Heavy Duty Engines
Rankine system design for heavy duty truck application
Power and Efficiency of Non Road Engines.

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