SIA Powertrain - Rouen 2016 English

The worldwide demand for lower emissions and for better fuel efficiency is dominating powertrain development activity today, with a focus on continuous improvements to the powertrain design, the use of alternative fuels and hybridization. The modern compression ignition engine is providing an efficient solution to these challenges and to changing mobility requirements, not only for passenger cars but also for industrial needs and goods transportation in fast-growing worldwide mega cities. With low CO2 emissions, the compression ignition engine is still a cost-effective and popular solution for many users and is a key contributor to further reducing CO2 emissions beyond 2021.

The European Euro6c emissions regulation intends to introduce real driving emissions requiring new engineering efforts in light-duty powertrain product development, engine testing and vehicle calibrations. The challenge of this real driving emissions is mainly to control emissions over the whole operating range of the vehicle at an affordable cost and without compromising fuel economy. For heavy-duty applications, the CO2 emissions regulation under preparation is also be the major driver for innovation in powertrain for both freight and passenger transport. The SIA POWERTRAIN // ROUEN 2016 conference aimed at giving powertrain developers and researchers the opportunity to get an overall picture of state-of-the-art technologies and anticipate future challenges and actions.

This unique worldwide event focused on compression ignition engine technology, and potential development synergies between passenger cars and commercial vehicle powertrain technologies, provided attendees with opportunities for discussions with experts and leaders in this area. This event covered global issues and solutions related to technology, business processes and the challenges facing the industry today and tomorrow.


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