Exploring the Next Frontier in Efficiency with the Opposed-Piston Engine English Free Members only

The Achates Power Opposed Piston Engine delivers a demonstrable incremental improvement in brake thermal efficiency compared with the most advanced conventional four-stroke engines. With the elimination of components such as the entire cylinder head and valvetrain, the Achates Power OP Engine is also less complex and costly to produce.
After a brief overview of the opposed-piston architecture’s inherent efficiency benefits this technical paper features detailed performance and emissions results of a multi-cylinder 4.9L Achates Power opposed-piston engine tested on dynamometer and configured to meet current commercial truck requirements.
The second part of this paper presents the results from testing various transient test-cycles on the multi-cylinder 4.9L engine including aftertreatment performance.
After a brief description of a light duty engine concept and how it improves fuel consumption by 30% over an advanced light duty diesel 4-stroke engine the paper discusses the next step in technology development for the OP engine: The gasoline compression ignition opposed piston engine.