A new generation of Turbochargers for gasoline engines for high pulsation requirements for Wastegate control English

A new family of gasoline engine Turbo-chargers has been developed with a focus on high performance and excellent NVH characteristics es-pecially in relation to the Wastegate control system:
Challenging requirements and boundary conditions such as: Integrated Exhaust Manifold (IEM), Mono-and Twinscroll T/C and NVH-and gas sealing per-formance, lead to the search for a better and more robust wastegate system. In this search, we have introduced new simulation methods and non-contact measurement and visualisation techniques which resulted in dramatically reduced development time.
The improved wastegate system is particularly im-portant for twinscroll Turbochargers of 4- and 6-cylinder engines, 3-cylinder engines and engines with cylinder head integrated exhaust manifolds (IEM).
Using the latest CAE and newly developed dedicat-ed testing tools enabled us to create the required solution, that has been validated in close coopera-tion with global customers.


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