NVH Challenges of Modern Efficient Automotive Powertrains English

The modern powertrain should be efficient, has to respect the CO2 strategy of carmaker by minimizing fuel consumption, have to meet high performances in final pollutant emission while still reaching the drivability and the NVH targets.

In order to fulfill all these requirements some technology breakthroughs are introduced recently:
• Downsizing and downspeeding of IC engines

• Diminishing number of cylinders

• Cylinder deactivation and variable compression

• Stop and Start devices and hybridization

• Assisted and other innovative turbocharging technologies

• Innovative torque irregularity filtering and vibration decoupling

• New automatized transmissions

• New combustion technologies

• Innovative powertrain suspensions

• Range extender

• Energy recovery

• Application of roller bearing in powertrain

• Engine encapsulation

• Etc

The conference dealed with the NVH problems induced by the new technologies mentioned above. The SOUND RADIATION, TORQUE IRREGULARITY and VIBRATION as well as the INTEGRATION within the vehicle of powertrains equipped with such recent technology were addressed.


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