Robert: a robotic platform for testing ADAS and autonomous car driving capabilities English

  • Category Technical paper
  • Edition SIA
  • Date 10/07/2012
  • Author Jean-Marc Blosseville - LEMCO-IFSTTAR
  • Language English
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  • Code R-2012-02-33
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Robert is a platform based on a driving robot that carries out the basic control of actuators (steering, braking and action on throttle). It can be installed on any car to assess capabilities of low control, perception and upper level control (path-planning, navigation, guidance, etc.).

Regarding perception, Robert has been used to assess the perception capabilities of a vehicle equipped with an obstacle detection system. Thanks to Robert and additional equipment (inertial device & GPS). The tested vehicle is able to move on the same given closed trajectory. Additionally, a special bench moves a dummy obstacle in such a way that the on-board perception system should detect the moving obstacle that crosses the vehicle trajectory. One of the scenarios represents a pedestrian crossing a street, where the vehicle trajectory and the pedestrian’s one interfere. The test can be reproduced a great number of occurrences without any human control. A second application of Robert is related to test autonomous driving capabilities: the driving robot is used to test the upper control level: path planning, navigation, etc. This application is the on-going work, first results are given.


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