Multifunctional camera for rain detection and wiping automation English Free

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  • Date 10/07/2012
  • Author C.Robert - Valeo
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Driving assistance applications are increasingly popular and cars are tending to be equipped with more and more functions, pushing sensors to be multifunctional. Cameras are good examples of multifunctional sensors and applications as lighting automation, speed limit assistance and lane departure warning are available on one sensor. In addition, a new function for wiping automation is proposed. Based on a rain detection algorithm, the multifunctional camera estimates the quantity of water present on the windshield and activates consequently the wiping system.

The proposed solution for rain detection has the particularity to operate by day and night without any additional light. Rain drops have several appearances function of lighting conditions and different shapes depending on vehicle’s aerodynamic and raining speed. Taking into account all those conditions, the system analyses the image and extracts characterized drops, without confusing them with lamps, lanes or vegetations. An adapted wiping strategy is established to drive the wiping motor with the appropriate command. Located drops are classified using many descriptors, classification performances are upper to 85% for good drops recognition, detailed results will be presented in the article. Finally, new visibility functions directly linked to wiping system will be presented.