Adapted Human System Interaction concept for Driver Assistance Systems English

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  • Date 10/07/2012
  • Author S. Boverie - Continental. Automotive
  • Language English
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Thanks to the important improvements in perception technologies as well as computing efficiency the development of Driver Assistance Systems is now a real growing market. Nevertheless these new functions that interact with the drivers are not without acceptance problems from the users. New Human System Interaction design principles must be considered to overcome these problems. The new concept presented in this paper is one of the first "real dimension" tentative to design and demonstrate a complete and global human centered ADAS. The main object is to develop a new Human System Interaction concept increasing vehicle/Driver/Passenger safety providing legible, adapted and accepted assistance to all drivers. Thus, a specific attention has been paid to the development of various driver monitoring and supervision systems involving the design of complex real time algorithms. Furthermore, this concept has been designed as an open modular architecture. This new concept has been implemented onto an experimental vehicle equipped with several ADAS technologies (Frontal camera, Radar) and an evaluation of the concept has been performed in real driving conditions with several drivers. The paper will present an overview of the concept and report a summary of these evaluations.


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