Enlighting the future: from autonomous ADAS to autonomous driving English

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  • Date 10/07/2012
  • Author M. Pajon - Renault
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Automobile is becoming a system with complex controls, communications, power arrangement and computing. It is more and more a mobile in an increasingly information rich networked roadway infrastructure. Automobiles are also being transformed from being a mean of transportation into a place of work and leisure: with no detriment to safety. With regard to safety, automobile industry already made remarkable progress in the second part of the 20th century. We can distinguish that progress on different aspects:

  • On users’ aspects, in Europe, accidents statistics and human factors studies shows directions to establish further progress with primary safety systems: i.e. 26% of the drivers involved in an accident did not perceive the situation. Functional failures are the results of a combination of factors linked to the driver (state, experience, driving task), to the vehicle (design and maintenance), to the road design, to maintenance and conditions of traffic.
  • On technology & competencies aspects, vehicles have moved from being entirely thermo-mechanical, to systems where networks of microprocessors control the vehicle response, ensure its safety and interact with the driver and outside world. As a consequence, the complexity of systems also requires new competencies for: Situational understanding and Sensor Fusion for Vehicle Navigation, Process and tools for design and validation, Risk evaluation and control. The Renault Visio System® is a recent step of our strategy deployment. Even if involved ttechnologies are available for several years, they remained up to now relatively expensive. The challenge for us was to be ready when the decreasing of technical costs would allow us to put on the market features with an affordable price over the car line. And ensure thanks to the multiplication of vehicles equipped a real safety effect. Scenic, Grand Scenic and Megane 2012 collection are the first Renault models to feature Visio System®, which improves driver vigilance and nighttime vision. Finally, sensors’ performance, versatility and affordability will allow ADAS massive application and further progress in road safety.
  • On mobility aspects, speed limitations and congestions combined to emerging partial driving delegation possibilities will allow new Available Time for car users. New fields of battle for mobility businesses are taking place with traditional automotive actors and new comers. From ADAS democratization to full Autonomous car, Renault deploys its vision for his customers: "An innovative people centric company offering sustainable mobility for all".


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