Far Infrared imaging sensor for mass production of Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection systems English

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  • Edition SIA
  • Date 10/07/2012
  • Author E. Bercier - ULIS
  • Language English
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In today’s high class vehicles, Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection Systems take benefit of passive thermal detection based on the used Far Infrared (FIR) Imaging Sensor. Formally developed since the 1980’s for night vision system used in military application, the main industrial technologies are currently producing 2D array chip formed by MEM’s microbolometer integrated into vacuum package. Improvements made by ULIS over the last 10 years on microbolometer made from amorphous silicon enable today the use of FIR imaging sensors in highly demanding commercial applications such as automotive market. The high level of accumulated expertise by ULIS and CEA/LETI supports continuous technology development roadmap, as detection material improvement, pixel pitch reduction, vacuum package technology breakthroughs, or readout integrated circuit (ROIC) on-chip innovation. New ULIS product ¼ VGA format based on 17μm pixel-pitch, low cost vacuum package and improved ROIC enables the improvement of Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection System, by simplifying system design, and reducing calibration process and production time, offering high performances compatible with hundreds meters of detection range even in day or night conditions. This presentation will describe the technology roadmap and product improvements regarding automotive expectation.



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