Recent results of night time driving and automatic obstacle detection by AGIS technology English

  • Category Technical paper
  • Edition SIA
  • Date 10/07/2012
  • Author H.Garten - BrightWay Vision
  • Language English
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  • Code R-2012-02-23
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In this paper we shall present the benefits of using Active Gated Imaging System (AGIS) as it relates to automotive in performing ADAS tasks such as Pedestrian Detection (PD), Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) and various obstacle detection. AGIS is based on a fast gated camera and pulsed Illuminator synchronized in the time domain to record images with certain range discrimination. In the last year BrightWay Vision has developed real time detection algorithms that make use of the AGIS characteristics. We shall present the results of several road obstacles detection by BrightEye system in various night-time weather conditions. BrightEye, an ADAS, makes use of the active gated imaging technology to provide the driver automatic obstacle detection with a clear and intuitive image at various night-time weather conditions such as rain and snow. In addition, we shall show advantages of AGIS dual dynamic range as related to automotive ADAS features.


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