Matrix Beam with Optimized Vertical Distribution English

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  • Edition SIA
  • Date 10/07/2012
  • Author Pierre Albou - Valeo
  • Language English
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Since several years, many solutions to design a Matrix Beam have been presented. Direct imaging of LED or LED arrays, either with lenses or reflectors, has been widely investigated. Alternative approach consisted in using projector type systems or even light guides. Most of these systems present the major drawback of not disconnecting the vertical distribution of the light from its horizontal split. Additionally, they do not allow any optimization of the edges (cut-offs) of the elementary beams. Typically, each Matrix beam element is characterized by two vertical cut-off lines (aimed at properly separating the luminous stripe from its neighbours) and a fuzzy lower horizontal cut-off line (to make a comfortable junction with the low beam). It also requires a vertical distribution of the light equivalent to that of a standard high performing driving beam, where the maximum intensity area is located near the horizontal axis. This paper presents an original optical solution achieving these objectives. Actual matrix beams produced with this system are shown and the characteristics of the new system are compared with the prior art.


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