Headlamp system based on adaptive beam patterns for improving the visibility of drivers English

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  • Date 10/07/2012
  • Author Hyun-Soo Lee - Hyundai
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The conventional low beam performance is around 70m, so it can not be provided the ideal night time lighting to drivers. And high beam gives the enough visibility in night time but it makes dazzling problems to other road users. Therefore the state of the art in lighting division is focusing a permanent high beam without dazzling for night driving situation. High Beam Assistant (HBA) system is already on the market. It simply switches between low and high beam based on camera signal. But it takes "Black hole" effect when high beam Changes to low beam. It cause a side effect to drivers which is time delay to recognize situations. So we need to develop the new system which improves the performance without dazzling and reduce the side effect. This system (Adaptive beam pattern system) replaces low- and high-beam lights with a single light beam that varies gradually and continually between two beam positions. It is a progressive transition between low beam and high beam, equivalent of a dynamic automatic aiming with integration of oncoming/ preceding car and also vertical road geometry by image processing. Therefore the road ahead is better illuminated without glare of other road users and obstacles can be detected earlier than conventional low beam.


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