Threedimensional Effects – New possibilities to create innovative signal lights English

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  • Date 10/07/2012
  • Author Michael Kleinkes - Hella
  • Language English
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Signal functions have to fulfil statutory regulations such as ECE or FMVSS108 to provide a clear signal to other cars on the road and same standard definitions of lighting parameters. However, as rear combination lamps are very different from one to the next and are an increasingly powerful design element, automobile manufacturers are looking for distinct and contrasting design. Daytime appearance with new and unusual look and nighttime appearance with unexpected illumination are strong drivers to develop amazing innovative signal functions. The combination of LED-technology and different forms of light-guiding optics, new interpretations of common optical systems to develop various stylingoptions and the use of new materials and components for lighting effects, is paving the way for further, exciting design possibilities. The challenge of new signal functions is to take these possibilities and to develop the appearance and illumination effects, the designer wants to have and which fits harmoniously into the vehicle design. Actual optical systems without certain effects as reflector-systems or conventional light guide rods will be transfer into lighting systems with threedimensional design and appearances in unlit and lit condition. The styling with 3D-effects and more visible depth as in todays functionalities will become more and more important. In this paper different possibilities of threedimensional lighting systems will be describe. Signal functions with various light guiding elements with depth-effect, 3D-shapes or integrated into lamps in special arrangements. Signal functions with mirrorand half-mirror-systems, that shows amazing deptheffects and also the use of new materials with special night-time appearance.


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