Electric supercharger : new electric and boosting architecture for downsizing and downspeeding English

  • Category Technical paper
  • Edition SIA
  • Date 05/28/2013
  • Author D. Durrieu, M. Criddle, P. Menegazzi, Y. Wu, S. Decoster - Valeo
  • Language English
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In the context of fuel economy and green design, engine downsizing and downspeeding have proven to be cost-effective methods to reduce vehicle CO2 emission. Using turbocharging, significant increase in specific power output and low-end torque is achieved, enabling smaller engine displacement (downsizing) and longer transmission gear ratios (downspeeding). The engine operation is then shifted on higher efficiency areas, resulting in significant fuel economy. The limit of this approach is the degradation of the vehicle driveability coming from higher time to torque (turbo lag).
In order to move the downsizing / downspeeding limit to get further fuel economy, we can implement the hybridization with electric motor to assist the engine at low speed and enable kinetic energy recovery, that will request higher voltage than 12V at least 48V. An efficient alternative way of electrification is to implement the electric supercharger to provide torque assistance (2kW of boost provide 8-10kW torque assistance) at low speed and combine with low voltage 12V regen.
We present here the electric supercharger concept that will provide far better dynamics compared to all Turbo solutions (Turbo only, Twin-scroll, 2-stage turbocharging …). An application to a turbocharged 1.2L MPFI engine is proposed. The requirement in terms of electric architecture is discussed. We show that the electric network evolutions could be limited in most cases to 12V systems and in other cases could benefit from enhanced voltage / regeneration system.


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