Predictive lighting functions for next generation Matrix LED headlights English

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  • Edition SIA
  • Date 10/14/2014
  • Author Said OMERBEGOVIC - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Language English
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The introduction of the Matrix LED headlight provides new possibilities with respect to design, flexibility and functionality. The glare-free high beam dims areas with oncoming or preceding vehicles detected by an automotive camera system and, thus, provides an adaptive and optimal illumination of the road and a noticeable increase of safety and comfort. Future headlights promise a full adaptation of the light distribution, both, in the near-field and in the far-field, with a high resolution and a homogenous illumination. In combination with highly integrated sensor data, the design of quite novel, predictive lighting functions is possible. These lighting functions intend to support the driver in certain traffic situations, considering the interactions between the vehicles by interpreting the scene and predicting future actions and trajectories. For this purpose, approaches of artificial intelligence and different tracking and prediction algorithms are applied to model the interactions between vehicles in highly dynamic traffic scenarios and to predict future vehicle states, respectively. Based on the early recognition of driver intentions and the integration and planning of probable future vehicle trajectories, the predictive lighting functions are capable to increase traffic safety. The system presented in this contribution enables the perception of dynamic actions of the ego-vehicle and other traffic participants in advance and to recommend optimal future vehicle paths to the driver, especially in critical situations.


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