Advanced PFI system: twin injector on turbocharged engine English

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  • Date 12/04/2013
  • Author M. Dufour, P.Asselin, B. Lorenzon, Y.Petillon, L.Rebouah - Renault | A. Posselt, D. Gougeon, L. Zaragoza - Robert Bosch
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Until now GDI is the main alternative to PFI system to improve low end torque and fuel economy of spark ignited turbocharged engines: limited cost and good mixture preparation of the PFI system balances better low end torque and fuel economy benefits of GDI engines.
Advanced PFI system proposes to use physical mechanisms of Gasoline Direct Injection on full load operation, by using “clean” scavenging, and by injecting fuel directly into the combustion chamber when intake valves are opened including cooling effect benefits.
Thereby Advanced PFI system uses two standard MPI injectors per cylinder, and a fuel pump delivering increased and variable fuel pressure.
The result is a step towards GDI performances. Indeed Real life consumption improvement, catalyst warm up phase benefits and low end torque increase are expected compared to standard PFI concept. Furthermore, with limited add-on costs, and low particle number emissions, the Twin PFI system keeps current advantages of PFI concept for Euro 6 regulation.
A complete study (design, 3D simulation, single cylinder and multicylinder tests, engine management development) has been performed to tune a Demo Car, for serial development evaluation.


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