BlueDIRECT – The Future of SI Engines at Mercedes-Benz English

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  • Date 09/04/2015
  • Author F. Altenschmidt, N. Laudenbach, T. Reck, U. Schaupp, A. Waltner, R. Wunsch - Daimler
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Ever since the invention of the internal combustion engine, there have been continual efforts to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. With the introduction of BlueDIRECT technology by Mercedes-Benz, which features a piezo injection system in addition to its use of a spray-guided combustion system for lean-burn operating modes, all current Mercedes-Benz and AMG gasoline engines can be equipped with the piezo injection system without requiring modifications. The same injector can be used in all engines from the M270DE16 (1.6 l four-cylinder turbo) with 23 kW/cylinder to the M157DE55 (5.5 l V8 twin-turbo) with 53 kW/cylinder. This opens up the possibility of using a wide range of operating modes and injection strategies in the various engine model series. The fast, outward-opening piezo injector makes it possible to use multiple injections from 80 μs (<1 mg) to 5.5 ms at a system pressure of 200 bar in order to reduce emissions significantly and especially particulate number emission. Previously, lean combustion systems could only be used in markets with a gasoline sulfur content of <10 ppm. The evolution of the injection strategies and exhaust aftertreatment systems will allow the possibility to introduce lean combustion systems even in markets with variable fuel quality and higher sulfur levels (<50ppm).


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