New Attractive LED Signal Lamps Technology with integrated Energy Saving Potential English

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  • Date 10/07/2012
  • Author D. Boebel - Automotive Lighting
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In the ongoing discussion about CO2 reduction lighting is more and more considered as a potential contributor in energy savings. Because of the quasi doubled turn-on time versus the Low beam function especially the daytime running lamp could play a role in this discussion. But, in terms of attractiveness daytime running lamps are the most important lighting elements to define both the day appearance and, dimmed to Position lamp, also the night appearance of cars. Therefore solutions which combine efficiency and styling are more and more requested from the market. The paper shows a benchmark study of a selection of daytime running lamps of cars for the European market. As result it is obvious, that for a complete picture the analysis has to be done with all components including the electronic control unit. If the aim for the introduction of a LED daytime running lamp in the car is to save energy and CO2, it is important to use efficient LEDs, an efficient optical system and an efficient electronic system. Several innovative optical solutions for LED signal lamps are presented in the paper. They use the newest generation of LEDs as light sources, which also offers advantages regarding efficiency and packaging. In this new combination very attractive signal lamps with low to medium power consumption are possible.


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