Importance of Auto-Levelling to avoid Glare for Road Users - GTB Field Test English Free

  • Category Technical paper
  • Edition SIA
  • Date 10/09/2012
  • Author Rainer Neumann - Varroc Lighting Systems
  • Language English
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  • Code R-2012-02-01
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GTB has started to organize a first field test for rating the influence of automatic levelling systems to avoid glare for road users. The intention behind is the harmonization of the regulation requirements for auto levelling and headlamp cleaning systems for headlamps with different light sources (Halogen, Xenon, LED). The field test was executed on a straight and even road on a special test track. The cars, which have been equipped with headlamps with all existing light sources in use today, have been rated due to the well known de Boer discomfort glare rating system [ 1 ]. With variable loading conditions, the subjects evaluated the discomfort glare of every vehicle passing by with a constant speed. In a random sequence, vehicles with headlamps with Halogen, Xenon, HIR, and LED light sources have been rated. The exact test configuration, the subjects, the vehicles and the results will be reported. The paper contributes to solve the issue of the current mismatch of the so called 2000lm Criteria (objective luminous flux), which defines today in the ECE regulation the need of an auto-levelling system and a headlamp cleaning device. The target is to get realistic, scientific based, and reasonable answers for the future, advanced headlamp systems, which can be accepted by the ECE regulation groups GTB, GRE, and WP29.