Product-process optimization of automotive parts with a Process Estimator for the RTM process English Free

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  • Related event Journée d'étude : Optimisation des composites - 12 fevrier 2014
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  • Date 02/12/2014
  • Author B. Eck, S. Comas-Cardona, C. Binetruy - Ecole Centrale de Nantes | C. Aufrère - Faurecia
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In the automotive industry composite materials are used more and more often as this material allows important weight reductions [1]. In order to limit the cost-impact of this rather expensive material, anisotropic designs can be envisaged. Nevertheless the supplementary degrees of freedom resulting of the anisotropy will need pronounced optimization when a part is conceived. Mechanical properties as well as production processes must be taken into account when designing an optimal part. Nevertheless a calculation step containing a complete process simulation can be very time consuming.