High Definition Concepts for Next Generation ADB Module English

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  • Date 10/14/2014
  • Author Christian SCHMIDT, Carsten WILKS - Hella
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For five years headlamp systems are available which adapt - based on camera data - their light distribution to the traffic situation. First systems adapted the range of the dipped beam to oncoming and preceding vehicles, since 2010 there are systems in the market which show the function "glare free high beam" or short ADB. In the first years the change of the light distribution was realized by electro-mechanical actuators, although the idea of varying the light distribution by switching specific areas on and off has already been discussed in the 1990s. The first systems representing ADB without the use of electromechanical actuators were introduced as a series product in the market this year (2014). The ADB function is provided in more and more vehicles and more often it is discussed to implement ADB on the basis of static systems. The number of switchable elements to be provided is between a few areas to approximately one hundred, which generally matches the number of the switchable sections by the number of the LEDs used. From a functional point of view higher resolution headlamps have a lot of advantages. It is possible to realize new promising functionalities and to optimize the existing technologies. Currently different techniques which allow a sufficient resolution are under development. In this paper functionalities and technologies are presented and discussed.


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