Driver perception aspects of LED-Matrix High Beams English Free Members only

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  • Date 10/14/2014
  • Author Armin AUSTERSCHULTE - Automotive Lighting
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Matrix high beams, with vertically oriented segments, were analyzed based on real traffic data and by additional night drive tests. They can provide an adaptive high beam without moving mechanical parts. Our investigations indicate that these matrix high beam functions can provide a significant increase in traffic safety compared to manually or automatically actuated classical high beams. For a segment width of approximately 1° the investigations indicate an increased safety level due to a high average illumination of the road scenery. Driver percept this systems as very comfortable. An example of a compact matrix high beam module together with its application in the new Mercedes CLS high performance headlamp is given. As it will be presented, matrix modules can be used to shift the performance of existing adaptive driving beam systems to a new performance level.