HDDC: a High Density Die Casting process for high thermal performance aluminium heat sinks English Free Members only

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  • Date 04/03/2013
  • Author Cesare Capriz, Sukhvinder Kang, Yogesh Salagani - Aavid Thermalloy
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Aluminium die casting technology is widely used to manufacture complicated 3D parts at a reasonable cost. Many improvements have been made to this technology along the way including squeeze-casting, semi-solid rheocasting, subliquidus casting etc. Many improved alloy compositions have also been developed over the years to meet specific objectives such as corrosion resistance, strength at high temperature, wear resistance, thermal conductivity etc. Thermal management applications such as heat sinks, electronics enclosures, leak tight liquid cold plates etc. require characteristics such as high thermal conductivity, low porosity, leak tightness, and the ability to fabricate thin walls and tall fins. Aavid is investing in the development of a technology to produce low porosity (high density) near net shape heat sinks using a die casting like method we have named HDDC that shows promise in processing low fluidity aluminium alloys. While mostly die casting like, our process is expected to combine features of several other metal forming approaches.